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Adult Education Staff Directory

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Adult Education Staff Directory

Apollo prides itself on hiring quality leaders in their respective fields as its instructors. With over 500 part time instructors available, we are sure to have an expert waiting to instruct you.
Below is a list of our Program Managers who can answer your questions.

Turner, Rick Director of Adult Programs 419.998.2972 rick.turner@apollocc.org
Graymire, Marcee Evening Supervisor, Manager of Construction Programs 419.998.3053 marcee.graymire@apollocc.org
Baeumel, Joy Financial Aid 419.998.2990 joy.baeumel@apollocc.org
Benfield, Ann Industrial Training  419.998.2980 ann.benfield@apollocc.org
Brackney, Lisa Licensed Practical Nursing  419.998.2975 lisa.brackney@apollocc.org
Browder, GreGory Network Systems Specialist & Customized Office Skills 419.998.2930 gregory.browder@apollocc.org
Burgy, Brenda Public Relations 419.998.2957 brenda.burgy@apollocc.org
Corwin, Doug Public Safety
419.998.2997 doug.corwin@apollocc.org
Fannin, Wendy Early Childhood Education  419.998.2985 wendy.fannin@apollocc.org
Long Jr., Ralph Fire Training 419.998.2996 ralph.long@apollocc.org
Nichols, Ruth Nurse Aide  419.998.2979 ruth.nichols@apollocc.org
Rosen, Jim Truck Driving Academy 
419.998.2969 jim.rosen@apollocc.org
Shepherd, Tara Medical Assistant 
419.998.2971 tara.shepherd@apollocc.org
Tracy, Joyce Aspire (ABLE/GED/ESOL) 419.998.2993 joyce.tracy@apollocc.org
High School Directory

Support Staff

Bukowski, Tonya Admin/Data / Financial Support 419-998-2961 tonya.bukowski@apollocc.org
Green, Kacie Public Safety / General 419-998-2962 kacie.green@apollocc.org
Hobbs, Elizabeth Admin/General / Financial Support 419-998-2963 liz.hobbs@apollocc.org
Lowther, Deb Truck Driving  567-940-3888 deb.lowther@apollocc.org
Prinsen, Kayce Full & Part Time / General / FBI/BCI 419-998-2960 kayce.prinsen@apollocc.org
Akers, Kelsi Evening Support Staff 419-998-2960 kelsi.akers@apollocc.org