Light Commercial / Residential Maintenance

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Light Commercial / Residential Maintenance

This program is designed to teach the skills needed to start a career maintaining and repairing residential and light commercial buildings and equipment. Upon completion of this program, there are opportunities to work for real estate companies, landlords, homeowners, apartment complexes, small businesses, flipping houses, or even start your own small business.

Each student will receive nationally recognized credentials (NCCER- National Center for Construction, Education, and Research) upon successful completion of the Core Curriculum Module.

The LCRM program consists of the following modules:

1) Core Curriculum
2) Electrical
4) Plumbing
5) Carpentry
6) Concrete
7) Masonry

These modules can also be purchased individually as part time classes.  CLICK HERE!  Click on the class title for full class descriptions.


Construction Programs Manager

Marcee Graymire, Manager of Construction Programs

Marcee GraymirePhone: (419) 998-3053
Fax: (419) 998-2994


  • Masters  of Science Degree in Education/Counseling-University of Dayton
  • Bachelors of Science Degree in Education – Ohio State University
  • Certificate in Corporate Community Relations-Boston College


  • Serving in education since 1999
  • 8 years in training and development
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Part Time Modules

LCRM Schedule

Days M-TH
Times 6:00 pm-9:30 pm
Hours 600   (50 weeks)
Start 09/05/17
End 08/22/18
Total Tuition $7,600 + $30 application fee   Cost Breakdown

Individual Course Modules may be purchased separately.  CLICK HERE

Gainful Employment Disclosure 2015-2016

Placement Rate Methodology

Light Commercial Residential Construction – Getting Started


ArrowSTEP 1:  Contact the Program Manager to schedule a meeting by clicking “Meet the Manager”.
This is an opportunity to find out more about the program, tour the facility, meet other staff, and discuss program requirements.

Should you wish to enroll at this time, you will fill out the proper enrollment forms, and the manager will schedule you for the Work Keys entrance test, which is required for all Full Time students.
Links to study for these tests -Click Here.

Do you have testing anxiety or would like to refresh your skills in the classroom?  Try Learning Lab!  It’s free!
ArrowSTEP 2: Begin your financial aid by filling out the FAFSA at home. Click Here
You can do this at any time; even before Step 1.
ArrowSTEP 3: Once you have been accepted into the program, you will receive an acceptance letter, email, or phone call.
ArrowSTEP 4: Make an appointment to meet with the financial aid manager.   Financial aid
This is when you will find out how much financial aid you are eligible for, and discuss your payment options.

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