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Public Safety

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Public Safety

*Charter and Accreditation #102

Chances are good that the firefighter, emergency medical technician or emergency medical responder responding to an emergency in your neighborhood is a graduate of Apollo Career Center’s Adult Public Safety program.

Our progressive training program serves more than 70 fire departments in 14 counties as well as business and industry; providing the lifesaving skills needed to keep themselves and our communities safe.

Home to the region’s only live burn facility and the state’s only extrication training vehicle, Apollo continues to provide the safest, most convenient and cost-effective way to deliver hands-on training. A lot of what the fire service does is physical in nature and Apollo wants to make sure the training is as realistic as possible.

Due to the serious nature of the work firefighters and EMTs are faced with, having exposure to real world scenarios and realistic working conditions in a safe and controlled environment during their training helps prepare them for the challenges that will be presented with when they enter the workforce as an EMT, EMR or firefighter.

Apollo offers the following training programs:

EMS Training

Fire Training

CPR, First Aid, AED Training

Customized Training