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Non-traditional career paths in Adult Education

In virtually every industry, roles are changing and more non-traditional employees are working than ever before. A non-traditional career is defined as one where more than 75 percent of the workforce is of the opposite gender.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the number of males working as a Licensed Practical Nurse, for instance, has risen 11 percent in recent years.  The numbers have seen a similar jump for Medical Insurance Specialists and Nurse Aides. Medical Assisting is also becoming more non-traditional.

Lima resident Brett Sanders is a full-time LPN at Lima Manor and an Apollo Adult LPN graduate. “I love the role I’m in. I feel like I’m a better person. I’m needed in my field and when I walk into a patient’s room, I noticeably brighten their day.”

While women make up almost half of the workforce, only 5.7 percent are firefighters. And that’s an increase from previous years. That percentage is mirrored in welding and truck driving while construction is growing in popularity with non-traditional workers at a slightly slower pace.

Lima resident Brooke Hedges is a Lieutenant at the Perry Fire Department. She works as a full time Firefighter and Paramedic and loves the quick pace and excitement of the career. “In just three months I received my Emergency Medical Technician certificate from Apollo Adult Education then went on to obtain my Firefighter and Paramedic training,” says Hedges. “It’s a perfect fit. At Apollo you can have a full time job, family and attend school to boost your career!”

Hedges says the programs are flexible to fit your needs and link you with business and industry in Lima and surrounding communities. She says Apollo offers such a wide variety of classes and many of them are short-term and get you into the workforce quickly.

In childcare, about 4.5 percent of providers are male.  Daniel Lombardo is a recent graduate of Apollo’s Adult Early Childhood Education program and plans to work and continue on with his education. “The staff at Apollo genuinely cares about you. They have such a good knowledge base and have guided me down a career path that sets children up for success for the rest of their lives. I am having so much fun.”

Christy Miller has been “breaking the ceiling” in the Information Communications Technology field for more than 20 years. Only 6 percent of her industry is made up of non-traditional employees. She loves the field and is working with Apollo Adult Education to offer new classes this fall. “The field is always changing; every 18 months. There is always something new and I enjoy being on the forefront,” she explains.

No matter what career path you choose; traditional or non-traditional, Miller says “Find your passion!” Apollo’s Adult Education offers something for everyone. Call us at 419-998-3000 or visit us at